Simone Capretti - Works of art
These are portraits of artistic creations that had greatly inspired my sensibility.

Luci di Nara

This Igor Mitoraj's sculpture is placed in the courtyard of the Collegium Iuridicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
This image has received an onorable mention in the 2017 Monochrome award.


The sign is a neon built by Maurizio Nannucci. It was located at the Mart museum in Rovereto, Trento, Italy.
This image depict a reflection on the floor, the man was walking nearby.


A work of art that was placed years ago in Piacenza, Italy.

Valle dei templi

This image depicts a greek temple that is placed in the Valle dei templi, near Syracuse, Sicily, Italy.
Forward there was a sculpture, by Igor Mitoraj.

Oribe Pavillion

This is a work of art by Kengo Kuma. It was placed in the courtyard of the palace of government in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy.

@ Mart

A composition with statues by Mimmo Paladino that were placed in the courtyard of the Mart museum in Rovereto, Trento, Italy.

Meet up with [sb]

A peculiar ouvre from the 52th Venice Biennale.


A graffiti that was on a marble column located near Piazza della Vittoria in Brescia, Italy.
This image has been shot at night, the two sides of the column receive light from two different sources, a cold and a warm one.
I like the position of the stilized arm, stretched towards the warm side. The column has been cleaned now, this ouvre remains only in this image.


A details of a group of fireworks at the Reggia di Venaria in Torino, Italy.

Link Urban Art Festival by True Quality
Graffiti on the metro pillars near sanpolino station, Brescia, Italy


by Elisabetta Magli, Serena Baldo, Francesco Bisazza, LS.

This is part of Ouverture, an installation by Mimmo Paladino that was placed in Brescia, Italy (2018)

Those images are licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Simone Capretti - 2018